We're prepping for our next seminar at the Great American Trucking Show, "Improve Company Profitability: Strategies to Win The Recruiting & Retention Game!" Cindy and Joyce will be heading down to Dallas at the end of August!

Improve Company Profitability: Strategies to Win The Recruiting & Retention Game

When: Thursday, August 27 | 11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

Intended for C-Suite, HR and Safety executives, this session focuses on tools, strategies, best practices and a unique technology solution that builds an environment where drivers are motivated to join your company and contribute to its success. 

The goal is to build a stable fleet by attracting quality drivers that are a great fit with your company, providing them with personal access to the platform and their own performance scorecard – the end result is a rewarding work environment based on goal attainment and recognition for performance. 

Company leadership is provided with access to a “Top 10 Dashboard” on fleet performance parameters including summary level and drill down functions on Recruiting, Retention, Work Flow/Fuel Performance, and Safety stats that impact critical business decisions. 

Leave this session with a game plan for better results with recruiting, retention, performance and safety – all impacting your bottom line! Premier Business Solutions (PBS), a leading loyalty and rewards program provider, will discuss how customized employee engagement programs can enhance your company’s success.

Company/Speaker Bio Information 

Premier Business Solutions’ (PBS) loyalty platforms engage and excite employees, sales channels, and consumers by incentivizing them to improve their performance, achieve company goals, or to buy one brand over another. Cindy Philipson (CEO) and Joyce Manthay (President) co-founders of PBS, have marketing and business development experience with numerous Fortune 500 companies; assisting with driving company sales and profitability through effective, measurable, data-driven initiatives. 

Join Cindy and Joyce as they share their experience with proven programs that influence behavior.

PBS Exhibit: Booth #8053