The Bucket List

So, one day, the PBS Team went sledding. Afterwards, we all decided that we should take our company outings to the next level.  So - the bucket list was born. We're slowly chipping away at this list, and hopefully can knock a few out this summer! We'll be documenting our adventures as we go!

  1. Tubing/Sledding
  2. Ice Skating
  3. East Race White Water Rafting
  4. Canoeing
  5. Bike Riding
  6. Paint Ball (or Laser Tag)
  7. Shooting Range
  8. Tubing/Water Skiing
  9. Snow Skiing
  10. Jet Skiing (every week)
  11. Horseback Riding
  12. Frisbee Golf
  13. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  14. Sky Diving
  15. Beach Volleyball
  16. Lunch/Dinners out
  17. Roller Skating
  18. Amusement Park
  19. Zip Lining
  20. Sky Zone Trampoline Park
  21. Bunjee Jumping
  22. Zorbing
  23. South Bend Cubs Game