PBS specializes in

Order Processing

Our fast and flexible systems allow us to receive your orders and accurately pick/pack/ship them usually within the same day.

Lead Fulfillment

We can provide you with the packaging, print services, shipping, and tracking to ensure that your inventory is shipped quickly and efficiently.

Proprietary WMS

Our state of the art Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides fast, accurate order processing and exceptional inventory control.

Barcoding & RF Technology

Using our technology, PBS can develop a fulfillment program to fit your needs - from multiple inventory rotation methods to custom inventory allocation capabilities - we can ensure the long term success of your project.

Kitting & Assembly

We offer kitting, light assembly, and specialized packaging of products for promotional materials/kits, POS displays, and literature/binders - and everything in between!

Flexible Shipping Options

PBS packs and ships literally thousands of packages to both

Domestic & International destinations.