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with our loyalty platforms.

PBS Loyalty Platform

Our platform is designed with the client in mind - and we can fully customize to fit your needs! learn more

Robust Data Collection

It's time to quantify those "hunches" you have about your audience.

Reporting and Analysis

Data is only as good as your ability to interpret.

User Management

10 - 10,000+ -- we can handle it!


Further engage your audience by awarding points for learning about your products!

Claims Processing

With automated claim processing or claim entry services, we make it easy for your users!

Redemption/Reward Fulfillment

Reward users with a branded, reloadable debit card or with a shopping cart of over 40,000 items! learn more

Live Customer Service for Users

If your users ever have a question, we're here to help.


Increase brand equity with participation in promotions or games, all within the rewards program.